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Zia Homes Organza Featured Img


When you want your home build a strong foundation for your life – Organza is the right choice for you. With her versatile design and large space (including 5 bedrooms!), she’ll be the perfect choice for anything your family needs.

See how Organza is the solid foundation on which to build your dream life.

Zia Homes Marvello


Marvello is a refined gentleman, prepared to give you exactly the high luxury experience you and your family deserve. 5 large bedrooms offer plenty of space to grow while the rest of the home is richly appointed to help you live lavishly while also being comfortably you.

Are you ready to discover how Marvello can help you live your best life?



Soft and light, Oxford is a gal who won’t force her way onto you – letting you call all the shots and take the lead, making your home match who you are.


Bamboo is durable, strong, and exactly what your family needs to live the life you want. He’s not going anywhere.


The epitome of luxury, Velvet lets you feel encompassed with opulence. BUT this girl is strong enough to meet every family’s need – and make you feel on top of the world while she’s at it.

Zia Homes Saffron


Hard to find but amazing when you do, Saffron is the ultimate in single-story living. Over 2000 square feet means you’ll have everything you need… withOUT navigating a single stair.

Zia Homes Cayenne


Want to live in the lap of luxury? Cayenne is bringing the heat! She’s a spicy girl who knows what she likes – and she likes to feel wrapped in comfort and opulence.



Sage will give you the warmth you crave – even as you escape the El Paso heat. He’s a no-fuss guy, with ample living space, 5 bedrooms, and the choice of a front OR rear garage. He’s sure to never disappoint.

Zia Homes Cashmere


One of the most luxurious materials in existence, Cashmere is aptly named for families who want extra luxury in their everyday lives.

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